Announcing chart customization 🎉

2020 was one of those years that felt like it was going by really quickly and slowly simultaneously. When we took a look at what we accomplished over the last year, it turned out to be an impressive list. Here are some highlights from the last year:

  • Customers created more than 100K custom reports and 500K custom widgets!
  • We've launched cross-product analytics for Freshdesk Omnichannel and Freshworks CRM
  • We did a Refresh session with Sarah Jane Peña from Elsevier!

2021 is off to a brilliant start, thanks to some exciting feature updates we have for you. The first is chart customization

Using chart customization, you can make your own choices of the colors on your charts. If you want to specify a negative trend using red and a positive trend using green, you can. If you never want to see the default blue of the analytics widget ever again, you can (this is a more popular ask than you'd believe).

Overall, you can:

  • Change the color of chart elements
  • Change the color of the text on the chart
  • Specify conditions for color customization

Using conditional formatting, you can specify what kind of colors you'd like used in the chart when. The two options available are metric and group by based formatting. For example, if you want to use a consistent color code to refer to low, medium, and high priority tickets, you can. You can also specify conditions based on numbers or percentages like so. You can use functions like equal to, greater than, lesser than, greater than or equal to, lesser than or equal to, not equal to or none of these things, to specify what colors should be used when.

Chart customization is available on all plans where you can create custom reports.

Classification of charts based on colors

  • Unicolor (Bar, Horizontal Bar, Text): You can choose a color for the chart, lines, or text as is applicable. In the case of text, you can choose a color for the number and metric heading.
  • Unicolor: Tables (Table, Summary table, Matrix): Users can pick colors for the header background, header text, cell background, cell text, and lines
  • Palette (Grouped bar, Stacked Bar, Horizontal Grouped Bar, Horizontal Stacked Bar, Pie, Donut, Line, Area, Scatter Plot): Users can create a color palette that works for them. There's no restriction on the number of colors in a palette. The order of the colors in the palette depends on the order of your group by values
  • Sequential palette (Heatmap): Users can choose a color and we'll populate a sequential palette for them (dark to light)

Coming up soon: You can soon customize not just the chart but also its elements like labels, legends, and axes - you can edit them, hide them and even change their position!